I grew up on the south east coast of Australia in the beautiful small town of Braidwood, NSW.  While building a solar powered, self sustainable home, my mum retrained in the craft of traditional Sign Writing.

I've been assisting her on public signage and mural projects since I was 9 years old. 

It seems art and design are always going to play a key role in my life, as well as an instilled appreciation of traditional artisan methods.
I bounced from traditional Printmaking at the Australian National University to receiving the Award for Excellence in Graphic Design at the Institute of Technology..  

I've stayed inspired over the years with lots of  travel and have called many different places home - Canberra, Austin, Vancouver,  Melbourne, Adelaide, at times just living on the road with my bike and my brushes - picking the brains and shaking the hands of long retired craftsmen and women. 

Always with a key focus on authenticity, speaking from the heart and highlighting the value and simplicity of a well told story. 

For me, there's no substitute. 



- Large scale project management
- High quality performance in short turn around
- Communication
- Hand painted murals, signage design and installation
- Chalkboard Art
- Event fit outs with tight bump in's
- Custom typographic feature Illustration
- Artistic commissions
- Using 'Outside of the Box' creative problem solving

The studio

"The Axe House"
(by appointment only)

70 Overland Road
Croydon Park
South Australia 5000


While traveling over seas as often as I can,
I love coming home to Adelaide for that strong coffee and those tall Eucalyptus trees absolutely required to refresh and energize
my creativity. 


Got an idea?

It's often awkward for me to answer calls when my brush is dripping and my hands are grubby, why not shoot me an email and we'll schedule a meeting.
I find face to face really works for me, even if it's over Skype. Hit me up! 

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