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For traditional sign writing and hand crafted designs used for applications such as business branding, labeling and apparel illustration use the form on the right to contact Bohie Palecek at New Frontier Sign Writing. 

70 Overland Road
Croydon Park, SA, 5008


Bohie Palecek is skilled in commercial illustration, design and sign painting, focusing on creating commercial art for company's found both within Australia and internationally. She collaborates with the client, reflecting their integrity, their spark of an idea, the leap of faith and their personality within it their business and project based confines. 

With a background in Commercial Art and Graphic Design found in Canberra, Melbourne, Austin, Texas, and all roads in between, Bohie is passionate about hand crafted designs, skill collecting, and collaborative based ventures. 


Artist / Typographer / Sign Painter

I'm passionate about a hands on approach; 
creating personalized designs through handcrafted creations.

Working internationally from Adelaide, Australia, I collaborate with my clientele, reflecting your integrity, your quality, and your personality within the project based framework. 

It’s a rare talent to have the eye Bohie does, the approach she has, and to produce the level of work that she does.
— Mark Summers SEEN SIGNS (Vancouver, Canada) - Client of branding and apparel design
Bohie has the ability to get on your level and see your product from your perspective. She understands the importance of connection, that you need to be 100% confident in what you are selling. She delves deeper than your average designer and guides, rather than pushes, you to establish a clear direction for your image, which enables you to provide for your consumers
— Nick Dugmore THE STOKE WINES (Kangaroo Island, SA) - Client of branding and wine label design