About ME

I grew up on the south east coast of Australia in an idyllic world of practical simplicity. My parents were both ceramicists; we built a solar powered home with kilns out the back, ate from the garden, ran to the river in bare feet. 

In the 90's my mother retrained in the traditional craft of sign writing and I've been assisting her on public signage and murals since I was 9 years old.

Early years on the potters wheel. Mum was a professional ceramicist (maker and teacher) until her 40’s when she retrained as a traditional sign writer “because you wanted to wear Billabong, my darling…” oops

Mum’s workshop in Braidwood

Mum at work on “The Big Picture” mural, Goulburn NSW (1998)

In pure childish pleasure, I've always maintained that a satisfactory day meant getting my hands dirty. Whether that's with clay, charcoal, ink, paint or dirt.

Going on to study graphic design and digital media, I maintained this hands on approach utilising traditional drawing and printmaking techniques at every opportunity. I was awarded the Awards for Excellence on graduation, and went on to embrace the traditional process of creating typography by hand.

This obsession dictated my 20's and took me all over the world. I lived in Austin TX, Vancouver BC, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and beyond, pursuing the dying craft of Traditional Sign Writing. The masters I found to learn from were often hidden behind vinyl machines and CAD, or completely retired. It was an amazing journey, and left me in great awe of the craftsmen and women of traditional sign writing and their life long skills in brush lettering.

The last seven years of large scale signage and mural commissions have allowed me to pass my skills on, taking on assistants, teaching workshops and giving keynote talks. My amazing (and now retired) mother is still assisting me on many big jobs, most notably for Westfield (Scentre Group) who have often required us to work right through the night, up a scissor lift, and outside in the cold.

My mum brings it!! As soon as that brush is back in her hand her eyes light up and she’s on, no matter how late the hour. I’ve inherited that feverish adrenaline that the big jobs bring, we’re hard working women who prize integrity of the brush stroke over all else.

Mum, now assisting me on the job at Westfield, Westlakes SA (this photo was taken when we finished the mural at 4:30am)

Enjoying ourselves at a Letterhead Mural Meet, in Eugowra, NSW

Giving a brush demo on a large scale mural project involving college students and the elderly in Narrabundah, ACT

Proud as PUNCH having designed and workshopped a collaborative mural project with high school students and the YWCA for International Womens Day, Canberra ACT

My recent move back to my home town of Braidwood, NSW has allowed me to slow down and get my hands in the earth. To focus on my art and take on more creative large scale mural commissions.

My days serve as a dedication to creativity. Whether teaching workshops, or painting murals on site, or focusing on an art series for an upcoming exhibition, I still relish the days I can get my hands dirty and wake up feeling grateful for my client's who allow me such a magnitude of creative freedom while designing to a brief. 

Powder day at Perisher, NSW (I’m smiling in case you can’t tell)

On the banks of the Shoalhaven River, NSW

Out exploring in the Snowy Moutains, NSW

The beautiful view from my cottage on the outskirts of Braidwood, NSW



  • Large scale project management*

  • High quality performance in short turn around

  • Typography design

  • Mural design and installation

  • Event Fit Outs

  • Illustration

  • Artistic commissions

  • Workshop coordinator and instructor**

    * has White Card, EWP License, and painting assistants for large projects with short turn around.
    ** has Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) check for NSW and ACT


  • Guildhouse Scholarship for the South Australian Young Entrepreneurs Scheme - 2016

  • Showing The Most Initiative - Australia and New Zealand Letterheads Meet - May 2014

  • Inspirational Award - Australia and New Zealand Letterheads Meet - May 2013

  • Award for Excellence Diploma of Digital Media, CIT - 2009


  • Throttle Roll Motorcycle Show - Sydney, NSW - May 2019

  • Cult and Harper Gallery - “Subversive” Group Show - Adelaide Australia - June 2018

  • Wonderwalls Mural Painting Festival - Adelaide, South Australia - April 2017

  • Coexist - Contributor - U&I Label - Torquay, NSW - September 2016

  • Broken Spells of Golden Vision - Solo Exhibition - AntiSocial Shop - Vancouver, Canada - Oct 2015

  • Doin’ Drawings - Contributor - Scumfighter Gallery - Hobart, Tasmania - Feb 2015

  • Don’t Let The Idea Die - Facilitator and contributor - The Producers Bar , South Australia - Nov 2014

  • Lowered Brows (SALA Festival) - Contributor - Light Square Gallery, South Australia - Aug 2014

  • Postered - Contributor - Tooth and Nail Art Collective, South Australia - Feb 2014

  • Double Entendre - Facilitator and contributor - Tooth and Nail, South Australia - Feb 2014

  • Wild Souls Radiate the Gold - Solo Exhibition -The Annex, South Australia - Nov 2013

  • Golden Years - Contributor - Lonsdale St Roasters, ACT - 2013

  • The Two Fires Festival of Arts and Activism - Contributor - Braidwood Community Hall, NSW - 2013

  • 5 x 5 - Facilitator and contributor - The Shed Gallery, NSW - 2012


  • We Do Nothing, Newquay, Cornwall (UK) 2017

  • Anti Social Skateboard Shop, Vancouver BC (Canada) 2015

  • Tooth and Nail Studio Collective, Adelaide, South Australia 2014



Adelaide, South Australia
Hobart, Tasmania
Sydney, NSW
San Clemente, California
Austin, Texas
London, England
Vancouver, Canada
Canberra, ACT
Alice Springs, NT