All original artwork is owned and reserved by Bohie Palecek unless otherwise stated, and cannot be digitally imposed onto any other source of branding or marketing campaigned used to advertise the clientele. Artwork can be photographed within  it's setting for reproduction, but it is illegal to digitally reproduce any original item, text, copy or design without express permission from Bohie Palecek. 

If client would like to purchase full rights to this design (physical or digital) to reproduce for any reason other than assigned, compensation must be provided. Copyright ownership will only pass over when the full agreed payment has been made. 

Ideas discussed in confidence with clientele are verbally bound under copyright laws. If the client decides to use another artist to execute an idea that Bohie Palecek has created, compensation for art direction must be paid.   

Branding/logo designs are exempt from this clause as copyright ownership of the design is transferred with final payment. Ownership of logo designs are lifelong. 


Bohie Palecek retains intellectual property of her own original artwork, and exercises her right to publish copies of the design, process and final product in her portfolio, in print and online and across any social medias (unless strictly instructed otherwise by client prior to final payment). 

Photographs of this artwork can be published in print and online as promotional material, within its’ allocated context. Artwork credit must be given where possible. No third party changes can be made to completed artworks (physical or digital), any changes required should be directed to Bohie Palecek. 

YOU ARE encouraged to Instagram, blog, Facebook, interview, cite, photograph and talk about our sensational collaboration together. Please tag all Instagram posts with @bohie, and direct Facebook users to my page, ‘Bohie Palecek’, and hashtag photos of my work with #bohiepalecek along side your own and I will endeavour to repost and return the love.


Bohie Palecek works on site and in her studio for $120/hr, 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.
Contract work conducted outside of these hours will incur a time and a half surcharge.

Short turn arounds (two weeks or sooner) induct a 20% surcharge. Unless you are being billed by the hour, all jobs require a 50% up front deposit. Work will not begin until deposit has been paid. Client has the right to three changes within the ‘proofing’ stage of design, before incurring an additional fee of $120/hr. If job does not go ahead after deposit has been paid, the deposit will be kept. If the job scope changes after the deposit has been paid, final invoice will be adapted accordingly. Materials costs are to be reimbursed outside of hourly rate for all jobs.  

All claims against faulty or misdesigned goods must be received within one week of final payment; otherwise client will be billed as per details above. 

Pricing terms are enforced in lieu of job specific contract or print agreement


Bohie Palecek will adhere to the provisions of the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which are contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (“the Act”) in relation to the how she collects, uses, discloses and protects your information. Your personal information will remain secure and confidential.


Bohie Palecek recognises duty of care to her self and all persons in the area while undertaking her artistic role while on your property and holds public liability insurance through Guildhouse, South Australia. If you do have any questions or concerns regarding occupational health and safety during my short stay on your premises please bring them directly to the artists attention without hesitation. If you have WHS codes that need to be adhered while working on site please notify on arrival. 

If Bohie Palecek cannot complete her role in this contract due to injury or illness she is obliged to find a replacement who can complete the task within the job specifications. If no time line has been enforced she will complete it at her earliest availability. 


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