"Makers Who Inspire" Video Interview


Award winning film maker Henry Thong dropped by to film for his latest short film series "Makers Who Inspire". We spent the day chatting in my studio about my work practice and inspiration, before heading out to some of my favourite thrift shop haunts to suss the scene. 

We also see a project insight into Mischief Brew Cold Coffee, a company I worked closely with through 2014-16 on branding, marketing and creative direction. 

It's definitely still super weird seeing myself on screen! I'm far more used to playing a rather more invisible role behind the scenes, happy to let my art speak for itself. 

There are plenty of other episodes in his series, this is Season 2 as well, so lots of inspiration to be had by local and international practitioners of a fine caliber indeed. 

A privilege to be on board, Thanks Henry.