How To: Hand Paint a "Mock Drop" Shadow


I've been trawling through the internet for ages trying to find a tutorial for these bad boys, with no luck! I'll have to look through mums old sign painting books from school when I'm next back on the farm.. So, I have decided to paint my first ever "mock drop" on this rusty old tool box I had lying around, and put up a step by step so no one else has this problem.
I used One Shot Signwriting enamel on tin, and tested out some lovely new "extreme liner" brushes I bought from Mack. 

1. After printing out my reference from an old lettering book, I sketched out a quick freehand design, then went straight on to my tool box using Staedtler Lumocolour Permanent pencil. 

2. After applying a white enamel coat to go under my lighter shades, I started filling in the grey highlights to my drop shadow. I kept a painters palette and palette knife on hand to mix two shades of grey for the light and dark. A little bit of One Shot Enamel goes a long way, so I only needed a square inch or so on my palette to cover these small areas, using Mineral Turpentine to thin the paint and keep my brush flowing. 

3. Finding the right "mock shadow" colour is crucial for the 3D illusion. I mixed this one with a dab of Reflex Blue, Vermillion Red, and a hint of black. My intention is to match this brown with the deeper shades of scratches/rust on the toolbox.

4. Instantly in love. Next step is the lettering detail. The tin of Lemon Yellow was just screaming out to come and join the party! I reckon it goes great against the earthy tones of the toolbox. Work with a small brush for finer details, especially if you're starting out. Tiny brush tips are necessary for tight corners if you're not used to working with a chiseled brush yet. I bought this Mack Brush fine liner from a local art supply store, but they are hard to find - only one in my city sells them. You can also purchase lettering brushes online from OneShot Australia and overseas. 

7. Thumbs up, job done, and out in to daylight to take a step back...

Loving that pop!! Hmm, looks like the dents in the toolbox make the "I" look crooked but she's true, don't you worry. That's all part of it when you're working with reclaimed surfaces. 

ope you get to try one out ASAP, cause I love em!!! 
xoxoxo Bohie

 Bohie Palecek Signwriting

Bohie Palecek Signwriting