'We Do Nothing' Mural and Residency


I've just returned home from an amazing 6 week holiday to England, Wales and Spain.

Home base for the trip was Newquay, Cornwall, in the beautiful home studio of We Do Nothing founder, Lucy Johnson. I've been working with this ethical clothing brand for 2 years now, providing them with branding designs and apparel graphics.

Newquay is a gorgeous little town, swelling in size over summer for surf festivals, music events and markets but in September/October, when I was visiting, it was lovely and quiet and I combed the beaches and had long and interesting chats with the local proprietors. 

This trip saw us looking forward in to the next season of We Do Nothing apparel, as I was brought on board as a creative director and brand consultant to assist with the brands' expansion.

To celebrate, I painted a mural in Lucy's design studio symbolising creative flow. 

A mystical snake slithers past a dried out watering hole; the magical gems from her skin shine like a beacon to the sky bringing beautiful, thirst quenching rain.

Lucy and I spoke in depth about creativity during my stay. Both of us finding the work/life balance often hard to maintain. This mural is a reminder to trust in Creativity, trust in it's return when "life" get's in the way. Like my mother always says "When it rains, put the buckets out!" 

Here we see our final colour palette and preliminary sketches, and Lucy's baby boy, Forrest, who caught the creative bug! We quickly provided him with a floor of blank paper for him to paint on in an efforts to try and deter him from painting on the mural!

A lot of the visual inspiration for the mural was taken from earlier visits to the British Museum. This 3000 year old Mycenaean Pottery decoration (pictured) and the Japanese repair-art of Shibori stiching (pictured) featured heavily, translating into the "sky" of the mural. I also found this killer article on an old German artifact "the Nebraska Sky Disk" in the National Geographic while waiting for my coffee that morning. 

The snake is a character I have carried with me throughout the last 2 years of my personal work, symbolising Change and Transition.

Lucy's partner Aaron Carter is making a name for himself creating these stunning industrial fit outs in traditional old Cornish homes, as you can see!!! These "Do Nothing" holiday lets are food for the soul. 

Source: www.wedonothing.co.uk