Enjoy The Ride Article

A recent feature in UK based "Enjoy The Ride" magazine arrived on my doorstep and I'm SO pumped to be a part of this one. 

Front cover of this season's issue of Enjoy The Ride

Front cover of this season's issue of Enjoy The Ride

"Celebrating some of the most exciting artists working and making in the current motorcycle scene. The world of wheels has a long history of attracting creatives, photographers and artists, a number of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The idea behind the issue was to offer you the work of these creatives, inspired by the theme ‘On The Road’. Each artist, Bohie Palecek,David MarvierLorenzo and Ornamental Conifer kindly produced a poster that could be pulled out and pinned up, framed or blue tacked to the wall in your garage, studio or man cave."

My contribution to this issue of Enjoy The Ride

South Australian based sign writer Bohie Palecek finds her creative strength in craftsmanship, quality and adventure. Craftsmanship learned through years of travel. Quality comes from a lifetime of fresh air, home grown food, hard work and dirty hands, inspired by effort andintegrity. Adventure drives her; adventure of the unknown, the new frontier, seeing the unseen and meeting the unmet- Enjoy The Ride

For more information about Enjoy The Ride
Head to their website http://www.enjoytheride.today/zine
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