Stay Wild Magazine Bohie Palecek Feature

Super stoked on this seasons issue of USA based Stay Wild Magazine, featuring my custom type contribution on the back cover, and a write up about my traditional sign writing inside.

Stay Wild is large format colour publication available for free from your favorite USA based camp/surf/skate/snow/motor/cycle/art/coffee shop and mailed out to subscribers world wide.

"Stay Wild Magazine: What would be your dream adventure?
Bohie: Adventure is a big word. It could describe a long solo trek across the Yukon, or a road trip down to the south beach of Adelaide with a car full of mates. It could be an inward adventure looking deep within the confines of your soul, or an outward one exploring the colors of a leaf you found while walking through the park. It could be on any number of engines or it could be pedal powered or on skateboards or surf or snow or a rocket ship or on the back of an eagle! It could even be used to describe conceptualizing an art series or exploring a new medium, like music.
So I reckon my dream adventure would be to find an “adventure,” whether solo or shared, every day for the rest of my life.."
 - Excert from Stay Wild Magazine

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