Art exhibtion opening at The Producers Bar, Adelaide

November 29th saw a bangin' show at The Producers Bar in Adelaide with art by myself and Nick Yap (Create//Destroy), and local bands Fresh Kills, No Action, Bakers Digest and Argus and the Liar bring the house down. My first time seeing Fresh Kills, whooooooey, they kill it! 

The Producers Bar was a rad venue, and we had Mischief Brew Cold Coffee and Jameson Whiskey specials that got the crowd .. how do you say... fired up?! 

Nick and I put a butt load of energy in to this show, screen printing up fresh tshirt designs and organizing this whole one night throw down on the basis of "don't over think, just do". 

Beaut shots of the event by Sia up on The Thousands website, see the rest of the album here.