Feature Interview in International Typography Book

I'm super excited to be featured in Alex Fowkes latest book Expressive Type.

Available now on Amazon.com, this book "showcases the work of major international designers working with typography in branding and advertising, environment, packaging and products, and self-initiated projects." Wheee! I'm in the self initiated section, with process shots and finished pictures of a series of work exhibited in 2014. 

Click here to purchase your copy, and here for more info on the creative behind the book, Alex Fowkes.


Hand Painted BMX Decals for Local Wine Bar

It's collaboration season this time of year down in sunny old Adelaide, and this month I've been working with local BMX shop, Little Black Bike, to come up with some stellar hand painted goods. Approached by Steve Grimley of 5 O'Clock Somewhere Wines, Little Black Bike teamed up with Australian BMX brand Colony to build two custom BMX bikes - featuring my own hand painted decals - to hang in this first class cellar door and tasting room. 
Great shots of the final product by Nick Case

How To: Hand Paint a "Mock Drop" Shadow

I've been trawling through the internet for ages trying to find a tutorial for these bad boys, with no luck! I'll have to look through mums old sign painting books from school when I'm next back on the farm.. So, I have decided to paint my first ever "mock drop" on this rusty old tool box I had lying around, and put up a step by step so no one else has this problem.
I used One Shot Signwriting enamel on tin, and tested out some lovely new "extreme liner" brushes I bought from Mack. 

1. After printing out my reference from an old lettering book, I sketched out a quick freehand design, then went straight on to my tool box using Staedtler Lumocolour Permanent pencil. 

2. After applying a white enamel coat to go under my lighter shades, I started filling in the grey highlights to my drop shadow. I kept a painters palette and palette knife on hand to mix two shades of grey for the light and dark. A little bit of One Shot Enamel goes a long way, so I only needed a square inch or so on my palette to cover these small areas, using Mineral Turpentine to thin the paint and keep my brush flowing. 

3. Finding the right "mock shadow" colour is crucial for the 3D illusion. I mixed this one with a dab of Reflex Blue, Vermillion Red, and a hint of black. My intention is to match this brown with the deeper shades of scratches/rust on the toolbox.

4. Instantly in love. Next step is the lettering detail. The tin of Lemon Yellow was just screaming out to come and join the party! I reckon it goes great against the earthy tones of the toolbox. Work with a small brush for finer details, especially if you're starting out. Tiny brush tips are necessary for tight corners if you're not used to working with a chiseled brush yet. I bought this Mack Brush fine liner from a local art supply store, but they are hard to find - only one in my city sells them. You can also purchase lettering brushes online from OneShot Australia and overseas. 

7. Thumbs up, job done, and out in to daylight to take a step back...

Loving that pop!! Hmm, looks like the dents in the toolbox make the "I" look crooked but she's true, don't you worry. That's all part of it when you're working with reclaimed surfaces. 

ope you get to try one out ASAP, cause I love em!!! 
xoxoxo Bohie

Bohie Palecek Signwriting

Bohie Palecek Signwriting

Hand Painted Yamaha Virago (Private Commission)

Kat came to me for some custom lettering details before embarking on a SOLO ride around Australia! And she's still on her Learner plates!! What a legend. 


Kat and I at my painting workshop before she left on her trip. Job well done! 
You can see more photographs of me painting Kat's bike in a feature article on Broadsheet.com

Follow Kat's adventures on Instagram @Kat.Waterman
Custom bicycle build by Sheppards Motorcycles, Adelaide
Photography by Henry Atkins

Hand Painted Bombtrack Bicycle (Private Commission)

Some brilliant new photographs from the adventurer behind Get Wild landed in my inbox yesterday! Mat Waudby is currently riding his touring bike from Greece back to his home country of England after absolutely shredding his two year Aussie work visa away between skateparks and river trips and trail riding and bike camping! Man, this guy does it all. 

Before he left Australia I hand painted some lettering on his "Bombtrack" touring bike, which has rusted up perfectly on those long ocean roads up the coast through Montenegro and Croatia. YUMMMMM!!!!!! I love working in a medium that just gets better with age. 

While he travels Mat has been hand embroidering one off caps and patches under the guise "Get Wild" and selling them from the dusty road. 

Jasper Leijs shot this one of me in one of my Get Wild hats the other day! Yew!! I still haven't taken this one off.. 

Jasper Leijs shot this one of me in one of my Get Wild hats the other day! Yew!! I still haven't taken this one off.. 

Art Exhibition Opening: Peanut Gallery

Friday night saw a great opening at Adelaide's newest exhibition space, Peanut Gallery. Thanks so much to all my beautiful friends and family who showed their support.

Opening shots courtesy of Peanut Gallery 

I was one of a small group of fine contributors from all over the world, delving in to a new field of fabric and embroidery for this new series titled "Artifacts". The theme of the show was "Of Land and Sea", while I explored the nature of connection and disconnection as one courageously leaves the known behind in search for the unknown and untrodden path.

Courageous Disconnection was explored through these pieces, mapping your own path, following your intuition and prevailing with perseverance. 

While Heart-full Connection was stitched with a lovers touch into these 'Keepsakes', carried on adventures to remind one of sweeter smells and the warm embrace - company and solace, on the stormy nights. Reminders for why you're exploring for the New Frontier in the first place. 

It was really nice to be working in a new medium, and stepping away from typography for a spell.
Type lovers don't fret though! The show featured three digital prints of my typography as well so no one was left hungry! haha


Enjoy The Ride Article

A recent feature in UK based "Enjoy The Ride" magazine arrived on my doorstep and I'm SO pumped to be a part of this one. 

Front cover of this season's issue of Enjoy The Ride

Front cover of this season's issue of Enjoy The Ride

"Celebrating some of the most exciting artists working and making in the current motorcycle scene. The world of wheels has a long history of attracting creatives, photographers and artists, a number of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The idea behind the issue was to offer you the work of these creatives, inspired by the theme ‘On The Road’. Each artist, Bohie Palecek,David MarvierLorenzo and Ornamental Conifer kindly produced a poster that could be pulled out and pinned up, framed or blue tacked to the wall in your garage, studio or man cave."

My contribution to this issue of Enjoy The Ride

South Australian based sign writer Bohie Palecek finds her creative strength in craftsmanship, quality and adventure. Craftsmanship learned through years of travel. Quality comes from a lifetime of fresh air, home grown food, hard work and dirty hands, inspired by effort andintegrity. Adventure drives her; adventure of the unknown, the new frontier, seeing the unseen and meeting the unmet- Enjoy The Ride

For more information about Enjoy The Ride
Head to their website http://www.enjoytheride.today/zine
And follow them on tumblr http://mrdhardy.tumblr.com/