I grew up on the south east coast of Australia in the beautiful small town of Braidwood, NSW.  While building a solar powered, self sustainable home, my mum retrained in the craft of traditional Sign Writing.

I've been assisting her on public signage and mural projects since I was 9 years old.

Now, with clients found in Australia, America, Canada, and the UK; extensive world travel has been an absolute career highlight for me. Clients have become friends and opportunity's to unroll my brushes and paint for an international clothing brand or brewery while enjoying life on the road is a humbling privilege.

It's that harmonious balance between work and play, with a key focus on authenticity, speaking from the heart and highlighting the value and simplicity of a well told story.

Working with typography always contains a literal "message" of what the words say, but I'm fascinated with the visual message of craft. A successful piece will speak a subconscious visual language through colour and texture and font choices - regardless of what the words say. Like a well crafted ceramic mug fits perfectly into your hand, a well crafted sign or mural should also speak to you without words. 



Adelaide, South Australia
Hobart, Tasmania
Sydney, Australia
San Clemente, California
Austin, Texas
London, England
Vancouver, Canada



Available now on Amazon.com, this book "showcases the work of major international designers working with typography in branding and advertising, environment, packaging and products, and self-initiated projects." Learn more about the designer behind the book, Alex Fowkes, in this interview on Inky Goodness. 



Award winning film maker Henry Thong dropped by my studio to interview me for his latest short film series "Makers Who Inspire". With a strong focus on the creative process and themes behind the art, giving a great insight into my intentions and passion. Learn more about Henry Thong in this article from The Adelaide Review.



The good folk at GoodType interviewed me about a recent snowboard helmet and mural collaboration with California based street wear company, Electric
"Though she finds it hard to define what exactly she does when asked, it’s clear that she’s a skilled letterer and designer, continually honing her craft."